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A photo spam again....

More pics.....
Moree....Collapse )


I decided to edit some pics....
So.. Here they are..!!!

And also  spam some of my Favorite Juniors and Chinen...
Gosh..!!! These kids are growing up really fast...
edit3 Bakaleya62
edit4Moreee..!!!!Collapse )


Happy 19th birthday to Kyomoto Taiga..
I wish you more success in your career and good fortune for the rest of your life...


Happy 20th Birthday…!!!!

November 30….!!!!
Happy 20th birthday to my Ichiban Chinen Yuri…!!!
Your 20 years old now. He’s already of legal age now. Wow..!!! Time really moves fast. It’s as if it was just yesterday that I started liking him.
For his birthday I decided to edit some of his pictures.
Chinen…!! You’ve become more mature this past years.
I’m so proud of your achievements this year.
I hope the best for your career and personal life..!!!!
I will forever support you..!!
chinen bday2
Chii Bday
chinen bday

Johnny's Junior....

After watching Shiritsu Bakaleya Kokou I’ve started following juniors. At first I was only interested in the juniors that appeared in Bakaleya- the Bakaleya 6 or Bakaleya-kumi- Kyomoto Taiga, Morimoto Shintaro, Jesse Lewis, Tanaka Juri, Matsumura Hokuto and Koichi Yugo. While watching their performances and other subbed segments of shounen club,other juniors started to catch my attention. Now I’ve started following other juniors as well. I really hope for the best for the juniors I like. Its really nice to see these children and teenagers trying so hard to reach their dreams and goals. It must be hard to memorize all the lyrics and dance steps of the songs that their sempais sing and then go to school and study. Studying is already hard enough for me.

Anyway, this are my favorite Juniors:
                My ichiban in the juniors is Kyomoto Taiga. I think he is really good-looking and talented.


Taiga looked really cool in this pictures. I love Papapics..!!!

            My second is Morimoto Shintaro. Shintaro was the reason I watched Bakaleya in the first place and then found out about the other juniors. I already knew him because he is the brother of Ryutaro, an ex-member of Hey Say Jump (CHINEN..!!). I found him cute in Snow Prince so I wanted to know how he was doing and decided to watch Bakaleya. I think what I like most about him is his eyes. I don’t know why but I REALLY like his eyes. I also like the way he talks. Pay attention to his mouth when he talks. The way he moves them is interesting.

See..!!! Those eyes..!! There’s just something about them that gets my attention. He’s really cute in the third picture.
Shin 2
PAPAPICS!!!! The second picture is of Shintaro (left) and his brother Ryutaro (right).

            My third is Iwahashi Genki. This kid is seriously cute. He’s plays baseball. I really like the way he smiles.


Of course papapics…!!

            Next would be Jesse Lewis. After watching Ousama Brunch for SBK movie promotion and watching him in other variety shows I started liking him more. He has a very adorable laugh.

He’s really cute right .!!!???

                Then the rest of the Bakaleya Crew would follow.
I really like this picture of them. Just a groups of friends hanging out and having fun together.

                I also started liking Fu Takahashi, Yasui Kentaro, Hagiya Keigo, Reia, Massu, Jinguji Yuta, Haniuda Amu and many other.

These are some of the juniors that are catching my attention. (From left to right) Reia, Fu, Amu, Jinguji.

                I first saw Jinguji in Sprout. He did not really interest me that time. I got interested in him after watching his performances and in Johnny’s Junior Land. I think Jinguji will be very successful as an idol when he grows up. Sometimes I feel a Kame vibe from him during performances and he has a way of catching people’s attention in Johnny’s Junior Land.
                Reia is really cute. I started liking Fu after watching him in Junior ni Q and Johnny’s Junior Land Pajama Party Special. He seems confident and I think that as an idol confidence is a good thing.

LOOK..!!! The same clothes..!!!

Jinguji, Genki and Shintaro in Kasuka na Kanojo.. The drama was really nice and I really liked it. I would have liked it if  there were more romantic developments with the students.

Chibi Taiga, Ryutaro and Shintaro..!!!!!

                Lastly I would like to write about my Ichiban Chinen Yuri..!!!
 I’m not sure if I’ve already written it but I will write it again. My favorite part of his face is his lips and eyes. Hes turning more handsome these days..!!


See..!!! The shape of his lips are really beautiful. And the corners naturally curl up even if he’s not smiling.

             Here’s some more recent pictures of him.



I needed unwinding so i made calendars for September to December with Chinen and Taiga's pictures....

September (2)

YAYY... Finally

Yes..!!!! I finally finished my RRL for my thesis..!! I have to start on my seminar presentation soon..

But first....

A Short a break from schoolwork.....

I'm starting to really like Kyomoto Taiga... Though i've already started liking him and the bakaleya boys after watching shiritsu bakaleya kokou... I now consider myself as an official fan... hehehe...
kyomoto taiga baby

Here's baby Taiga.. Isn't he cute...!!! Those Eyes and cute lips...!!!!!!!

I hope he can debut soon.. Along with the other Bakaleya boys.. I Actually like all of them...

But of course my ultimate bias will always be Chinen..


YUri..!!! How adorable....

I hope hey say jump gets more projects and chinen gets more acting opportunities...
and please... please.... I want a more mature song...!!!!

I really miss kat-tun... i mean they still have projects but i want a new single..!!!!
I think their concentrating on individual activities at the moment..
Anyway, Nakamaru and Kame will be starring in new series.. The director of nakamarus' new series is miki satoshi...
AH... kat-tun still has 3 more members Miki.. hehehe...
I hope to see Ueda and Junno as the main role someday....
i hope their individual activities now will help in their group activities..
I also hope they get a new variety show... I really did love Cartoon Kat-tun...

Sorry for the random ramblings...!!! hehehe
Till next time.....
  This last few days I've listened alot to My World By SPyair.. I just discovered about them (last month) while i was looking at videos of One Ok Rock.. I totally love this band... I love Ike's voice and i also like their songs very much.... I also love the message of this song.. Probably because i was pretty depressed last month.. and i just hated the world... I don't even know why i was depressed..
At least i've been feeling better this days....

  Anyway, i started to listen to their songs.. I really like their songs... I then found out they sang for gintama.. I haven't seen ginatama yet, but no wonder i had an aquintance that said that the songs for gintama was nice...I'm not song though if he meant the songs that Spyair sang, its just a guess.
So here are the romanji and englis lyrics of My World by Spyair.


Kabe ni motarete hitobanjuu, kangaete mitan da jibun no koto
Eranda iku saki wa koko de ii no ka? Wakaranaku narun da
Demo, kotae nante denai mama sa, doko ni tatte hisshi na mono sa
utsumuita shisen wo sukoshi age, mieta asa wa sunde ita

Boku ga boku de aru tame ni..
Ushinaccha ikenai mono wa nani?
Kantan ni denai kotae wa tsurakute kurushii yo
Tatta ichido no Miss wo nando mo kuyokuyo shinaide
Arukeba, aiseru kana My World

Daiji ni shitai to omou hodo, doushite hanareteku no darou?
"Mou kore ijou wa nai" to ii nagara, mata motomeru kedo
Katachi no mienai mono ni, namae wo tsukete "yume" ya "ai" to
Yobu koto de sukoshi hokorashiki Ah, hontou wa sonnan ja nai no ni

Boku ga boku de aru tame ni..
Kono kotoba ga mayowaseru
Kantan ni denai kotae wa tsurakute kurushii yo
Semete, mae wo muite ikou, motamota sezu ni
Sagashi mono wa mitsukaru hazu kono World de

Tsutawaranakute, nagedashita
Zenbu kowarete shimaeba ii to omotte ita
demo, chigau..
Kanashimi sae, yasashisa ni kaete iketara
sukoshizutsu dakedo, sekai wo suki ni nareru

Boku ga boku de aru tame ni..
Sore ga nani ka wo sagashite
Kizutsuki tachitomari tsurakute kurushii yo
Dakedo ichidokkiri da, jibun wo kuyokuyo semezu ni
Arukeba, aiseru sa My World

Hikari wa, susumu saki ni aru

English Translation

Leaning on a wall one night, seems like i've been thinking hard about myself
The destination i've chosen is here, is it alright?I no longer understand
But, I don't have the answer right now, Where things stood differently
Always facing down, I look up for a while and feel the warmth of the morning

I am me because I am here
What is the thing that I lost that I can't go on?
It is cruelly painful when I can't get the answer easily
Don't worry about that one miss shot
If I can move on, I will love it, right?
My World

Why did I let go of the things I cherished?
'it can't be all that there is', I'll get it again
Give a name, 'Dream' or 'Love' to this invisible thing
If I can call it like that, I'll feel proud a bit
Ah, but, the truth is, it's not like that

I am me because I am here
These words will get forgotten sometimes
It is cruelly painful not to get the answer easily
At most, let's face forward without slowing down
I'll find the thing I am searching for
In this World

Scattered about or thrown away
Even if all are destroyed, I thought it's alright
but, I was wrong
after experiencing sadness, I will live changed into someone kind
It is slow, but I'll learn to like the world

I am me because I am here
Being myself, I'm searching for something
Eliminating all my vulnerabilities, the heat is painful
But, just for once, not blaming myself so hard
If I can move on, I'd come to love My World

If I walk further ahead, the light is there

Disclaimer:The translation is not mine......
I would probably want a small but prosperous country...
My iCHIban, Music I Love…!!!

Hello..!!! I’m a Japanese music fan..
I’ve always listened to Japanese music since I was little because of I’m addicted to anime (till now) but in those times I consider myself as a casual listener, not really a fan
In 2010 I officially entered the fandom…
The first group I ever loved is KaT-TUN, this is thanks to YamaNade… Since the first time I heard Love Yourself I’ve loved that song.
The first single they releases since I entered their fandom was NMP (I’ll always remember the year I entered the fandom due to this…hehehe)
I then met Hey Say Jump because of Arigatou sekai… I also loved that song, I remember listing to that song at least twice everyday…
I then came to know Chinen Yuri, my ultimate ichiban… The songs that I like from are HSJ are only few though.. Sometimes their song is a little to childish for me, I’m really not too fond of pop music. I think this is why I love Kat-TUN, they have a pop-rock feel to their songs.. I looooveeee the voices of Koki, Kame and Ueda.. I know a many think Kame does not have I nice voice but I really do love his voice.. His getting better in singing now, all of them actually are.. I love their concerts..!!! Their voices really improved in Chain, though I found Nakamaru’s voice annoying sometimes.. I also love their ballads.. I love almost all of their ballads. For me their voices are really different from each other and I really love it when they sing together, somehow it works. I love it when they sing solo or harmonize.

  KaT-TUN: (left to right) Ueda, Koki, Kamenashi, Nakamaru, Taguchi..

  Even though my favorite group is KaT-TUN my ultimate ichiban is Chinen Yuri (I’m only a casual fan of HSJ though, not really into their music, though I like some like Arigatou Sekai, Super delicate, Bounce)… I love his eyes and lips… His also intelligent as proven by his grades and as said by fellow members, I get easily attracted to intelligent guys.. I even love his narcissistic and confident side… I’m also not bothered by his height since I’m pretty small myself. We were also born in the same year, his younger than me though…
    Chinen Yuri..!!!!
In music, I’m really more into rock though. In Western music I love all Time low, Boys like Girls, Linkin Park, Paramore and many more.. My favorite bands from japan are One Ok Rock, Spyair, Aquatimez and flumpool. I also listen to Sug, Uverworld, Green, Ikimonogatari, AAA, Exile tribe ( including sandaime, E-girls, Generations), Greeeen, Versailles, and many other artist..
My current favorite songs are My world and genjou destruction by Spyair, Tsubomi by Aquatimez, Qualia by Uverworld, Kaimu, Living Dolls, The beginning from One Ok rock, Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi Igai ni Miataranakute by flumpool and a lot of kat-Tun songs….
That Is all For Now…!!!!!
Gotta do my thesis..!!! hehehe